i'm anna boone β€” a visual journalist, coder and amateur gardener.

i currently live in minneapolis and work for the star tribune on enterprise projects, daily graphics, and anything in-between.

featured work

12 / 30 / 18

Denied Justice series

“Denied Justice” was a nine-part investigative series on how sex assualt cases were handled across Minnesota. Over 1,500 police reports were analyzed, and showed that only 7% of cases ended in conviction.

Society for News Design 40 πŸ₯‡πŸ₯‰

HTML, CSS/SCSS, JS (jQuery, Scrollmagic), Illustrator, ai2html, Audition

07 / 23 / 18

‘I was just lost in the dark’

A video interactive collecting the experiences of survivors reporting their assaults to the police β€” in their own words. Originally published with 12 women, it ended with 30 survivors' stories.

SND40 πŸ₯‰(line of coverage)

HTML, CSS/SCSS, Sketch, Invision

04 / 29 / 18

Unstoppable and deadly, meth floods the state

A graphic showing the path and affects of the flood of meth into Minnesota. The Twin Cities have emerged as a distribution hub for the upper midwest.

HTML, CSS/SCSS, Illustrator, ai2html, Photoshop

02 / 18 / 18

Minnesota candidate profiles

Longform design for profiles on candidates running for state office in Minnesota.

SND40 πŸ₯‰(line of coverage)


02 / 18 / 18

Will November bring a 'wave'?

A project with Judy Keen about whether the Democrats will see a 'wave' in November at the polls, using historical data and current trends to address this question.

SND40 πŸ₯‰(line of coverage)

HTML, CSS/SCSS, Illustrator, ai2html, Photoshop

03 / 02 / 18

Your guide to the 2018 Oscar nominations

A project that was a fun chance to break out my illustration skills and play around with color and film stills.

HTML, CSS/SCSS, JS (jQuery, Scrollmagic), Photoshop

03 / 22 / 19

Essential Twin Cities Guide

Orignally published for the Super Bowl, this guide was refreshed for the NCAA Tournament this year. It highlights everything to eat, drink, see and do in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

HTML, CSS/SCSS, Sketch, Balsamiq, InVision, art direction

02 / 02 / 18

From $12 to $2,500 and counting

The Super Bowl coming to Minneapolis gave me a chance to work with the sports department and chart the prices of Super Bowl tickets from the beginning.

HTML, CSS/SCSS, JS (Scrollmagic, jQuery)

3 / 17 / 19

Road to Minneapolis series

For the NCAA Tournament in Minnneapolis, we had 6 stories with custom illustrations and animations from The Sporting Press.

HTML, CSS/SCSS, art direction

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